Condition Of Sale

Condition of Sales




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Point of sale – Terms and conditions

July 2014 Revision 3.1


Definition of customer

The term customer, as used in PC Centre invoices, shall be the recipient of the merchandise, representing him/herself or a government, business or non-profit organization.

BrownBoxComputer, PCCentre, PCSuperFreak, PCSuperfreek, WhiteBoxComputer

The above mentioned trade names are registered by PC Centre Hong Kong. All rights reserved.

Terms of payment

In the absence of a written exception arrangement, payment is due at time of merchandise delivery or pickup. Payment for merchandise is non-refundable.Payment for merchandise must be rendered to PC Centre no later than the due date printed on the invoice. PC Centre is entitled to charge interest at 5% per month, starting from payment date specified in the invoice, on customer outstanding balance until payment is made in full.

Bounded cheque

When customer issues a cheque to PC Centre as payment for PC Centre product(s) or service(s), and the cash amount on said cheque cannot be collected, customer shall pay PC Centre the greater of the following : HK$300, or HK$ 200.00 for every thousand dollars of the amount owed PC Centre.


Customer must report, in writing, product defect or defects no later then 4 calendar days after sale, receipt or delivery or merchandise. Absence of formal written report constitutes customer acknowledgement that PC Centre merchandise was sold to customer in satisfactory and proper working order.

One-month warranty

Components including, but not limited to , RAM and CPU chips, are covered under a one-month warranty. Said components returned for repair shall be shipped to manufacturer for testing. Customer shall wait and abide as a results of manufacture report. Consumable parts are not covered by this one-month warranty . However, if the warranty seal of “PCSuperFreak” was broken, then we will not provide any sort of warranty, replacement . No exception case.

Customable parts

Accessories including, but not limited to , printed ribbons, ink cartridges, toners and floppy disks, are not refundable, returnable, replaceable or exchangeable should the exterior container seal be broken or opened.


PC Centre does not guarantee, and is not responsible for, the compatibility of its merchandise with hardware or software installed by customer or a non-PC Centre authorized agent.


Title to ordered or purchased merchandise shall remain with PC Centre until full purchase price has been paid for by customer.


Regardless of credit arrangements, including post dated checks, PC Centre is entitled to retain ordered merchandise or to repossess delivered merchandise until full payment has been made by customer.

If customer is insolvent or unreasonably delaying payment, PC Centre is entitled to a lien on some or all of customer equipment, hardware/software components and consumable supplies in PC Centre possession.


Customer shall indemnify PC Centre from all claims of damages or losses as a result of customer owning or using the merchandise, and from claims of losses and damages as a result of the use of the merchandise by customer employees, agents, contractors, friends and relatives.


No failure or delay on PC Centre part to exercise any right, power or remedy under this agreement shall be deemed as a waiver thereof. The rights, powers and remedy provided herein are cumulative and are not exclusive of the rights, powers and remedies by law.


If any provisions of this agreement should be deemed illegal or invalid, they shall not affect the legality, validity and enforceability of the other provisions in this agreement. The illegal or invalid provision shall be deleted from this agreement and no longer enforced, but all other provisions of this agreement shall survive.

Entire agreement

This agreement embodies the entire understanding between customer and PC Centre. There are no promises, terms or conditions – oral, written or implied – other than those contained in this agreement.

Grammatical and typographic errors

Grammatical or typographical errors, should they be found on this page, shall not undermine the legality or enforceability of this Point of sale terms and conditions.


PC Centre POS Terms and conditions written by Damian Law, retired and now in New York.


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